Marta skirt pattern testers roundup

Marta skirt pattern testers roundup

The testers were crucial to help me make the Marta skirt pattern perfect, and here are their beautiful makes.


Brenda Hennis Verbaan - @fabricfairybrenda:

"Classic model and excellent instructions for plaid matching!"


Carol Kite - @carolkite49:

"So well explained, makes constructing this stylish skirt super easy."


Deborah Gruszkow - @casennina:


Denise Fialho:

"As instruções do molde são bastante boas, nunca pensei conseguir fazer uma saia de pregas, mas seguindo passo a passo foi fácil. Adorei o resultado final, sem dúvida irei repetir."


Diana Oliveira:

"Excelente molde, com instruções claras e de fácil execução."


Dora Serrano - Sew4Five and @sew4five:

"This skirt is the pattern you didn't know you need. With clear instructions and accurate size fitting, this pattern is your "Slow cooking" pattern. It will take time, but look divine!"

"Esta saia é aquele molde que não sabiamos que precisávamos. As instruções são claras e as medidas dos tamanhos são bastante precisas. Este molde é como "cozinhar em lume brando", leva tempo, mas fica divinal!"


Marieke de Jonge - @jongdesign:

"When I saw the pictures for this skirt the first time I immediately fell in love with the design. And when I read it was for wovens too...I was more then happy! My daughter wanted to have a blue skirt, so I used a plain fabric to show off all the details from this skirt as much as possible. We love everything about it: the fit, the length, the design and the sewing is pretty fast and relaxing. Just take your time to press the pleats nicely and you'll love it! I am definitely using this pattern many more times."


Mawarita Baharudin - @mawaritabaharudin:


Mónica Antunes - @nykaantunes:


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Happy sewing!



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